An exhibition by wildlife photographer Keith Burtonwood until Saturday 1st October.

Keith Burtonwood a wildlife photographer for many years and has perfected the art of using technology to produce stunning and unique digital art using his iPad brush. With scientific precision at a stroke, he is able to encapsulate the life and essence of nature derived through years of careful study of wildlife through photography, not only in the UK but across numerous countries including Norway, Slovenia, Italy, France and much more.

 “For me, as a professional landscape photographer for some years and a keen wildlife photographer, the iPad started out as a bit of fun but I soon realised it’s potential as a way of using many of my photographic images captured over many years. In the early days the software available for use with iPad was limited but now more sophisticated applications are available.

My belief is that the best way to approach the medium is to familiarise yourself with the tools, brushes and colour palettes at your disposal, be free and experiment! You will get better over time”, Keith Burtonwood.

Tubby Goldcrest with Friends Exhibition is currently open throughout September at ArtsTrail Gallery and finishes Saturday 1st October.

Keith can be contacted at

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 11am – 5:30pm

Gallery Closed: Sundays