Born in 1956 Anni spent her childhood by the sea in Whitstable, Kent. Between 1972 and 1975 she studied 3D Design at Medway College of Design in Rochester. She worked in London for Rayne shoemakers and then as a 3D graphic artist in the exhibition trade and in commercial screen printing.

1998: Won the PAWS wildlife painting competition and The Derwent Award for mixed media. 2002: Artist in residence for The Juno Theatre Company. 2015: Warwick Open Studios exhibition at Wormleighton.

Anni’s work has been published and sold worldwide.

With a farming family her career has taken a back seat and she now hopes to spend more time being creative. Anni works in mixed media and uses collage and mono printing techniques. She loves the random results of these methods and the free bold use of a palette knife.

A sketching visit to Venice provided plenty of inspiration. “Colour is the ‘on’ button, and sketching is key.”