I have enjoyed looking at various forms of art for many years; when young, I would sketch and draw everything in sight. Though it was not until many years later, in 2009, that I was able to give serious time to painting.

My love of walking the Lakes and coastal paths inspired what is now a recurring interest in painting landscape and sea scenes. I try to imbue my pictures of places—both known and imagined—with movement, colour and atmosphere. Rolling hills and deep seas have a compelling emotional affect upon me. The intention when I paint is not to be descriptive but to express something of the emotions that I experience through the process of laying the paint down.

I paint mainly with oils and acrylics, sometimes working exclusively with a pallet knife to give texture, strength and motion to the finished product. Whatever my intentions, the painting once begun will take its own direction and carry me with it. I love the total absorption of this process and I hope to make it possible for the viewer to also inhabit that place and make it theirs through their own interpretations.