Photo of Mark Mark Lawson Saunders is something of a magician turning original mundane images into those that have edge to them. You could consider him to be an arch manipulator! The advent of digital photography hastened this process.

He draws on a huge bank of knowledge of great works of art, which he has analysed and absorbed, he can see potential an image might possess, whether it is ready for satire, or elevation, or eroticism, or the transformation of the ordinary. This gift allows him to make social comment, personal connection, and wisps of gossip. He plunges into the whole arena of life, and with a touch of paint here, a glistering of the eye there, a stroke of the brush for hair, a horse ennobled, the mixed media process becomes a palette of infinite variety. It is as if you are seeing life with extra verve and you can adore, and wonder, and be dazzled. It takes a particular creative persona, with a complex and varied artistic history to achieve such rich panoply, one excited by life, past, present and future. Mark is that person, and he was born in Royal Leamington Spa!