Photo of Melanie Dearing Melanie trained as an Architect and so, after years of experience designing buildings, she can paint an image of a building with her eyes closed. She has been influenced by the great impressionist like Cezanne and Van Gogh because of their fluid style and use of colour. Also the bold use of primaries by Mondrian has been a supporting influence in reflecting her style to only use red, yellow, blue and black. She realised the colour choices only after getting the last 25 years of paintings from the loft to catalogue them. The same colour theme could be seen running through her work. Such limited choice of colours challenges and focuses her to create a strong impression of the chosen view. Most of her paintings are based on sketches that she made ‘en plein aire’ whilst walking on holidays or taking her dog for a walk. A result of this process is a sharp, quick sketch with a glimpse of what was at that moment. Sometimes the charcoal will be done quickly but the one splash of red will be agonised over for hours.