Paul Jordan at his easelVisual artist based in Coventry. He uses a variety of media including oil, acrylic and watercolours, as well as experimenting with different combinations to achieve the desired result. His action paintings are expressive and show considerable movement and emotion. Paul does not use brushes, like ordinary painters, preferring to adapt household objects like, spoons, squeezy bottlesĀ and screwdrivers to achieve the best effect for what he refers to as his ‘Drippy’ style works.

Paul Jordan’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the UK and he has also held numerous exhibitions in his home city of Coventry. In April 2010 he was interviewed for an article that featured in Virgin Trains Hotline magazine as part of the Coventry Open.

Paul gains inspiration from many famous artists or those he meets through social networking. As a child he was blown away by the work of Van Gogh, which he saw at the National Gallery in London. Other favourites include Monet for his delicate approach to painting and Jackson Pollock, obviously for his action painting technique, but also for his use of vibrant colour. Paul’s favourite contemporary artist is Sarah Graham, of particular note is her painting ‘Lollipop, Lollipop’.

“My grandma who has sadly passed away was always my biggest fan and the driving force behind me following my dreams. I was always painting and drawing as a child and it was her encouragement that made me believe in my abilities, she helped me realise that I could have a successful career as an artist.”