Come and experience the Colour, Meditation and Vibration of Russell’s abstract work at the ArtsTrail Gallery, Royal Priors Shopping Centre, Leamington Spa from Tuesday 17th August until Sunday 19th September.

The purest beauty, colours, shapes, lines and dots intelligently matched will evoke familiar images to your mind. Russell’s work may emit vibrations of colour and proportion that are Beauty itself; impressive. Open not your eyes, but your heart, silence your restless mind for a minute, do not seek explanations or excuses, just relax and allow the art to immerse you. Allow the painting to draw you into silent sound of colour vibrations, a special kind of meditation. Meditation through art.

Russell Gain in one of his interviews, noted the artists which inspired his art. In addition to the expected Sera and Turner, Russell names classic masters such as Duccio, Fra Angelico and Giovanni Bellini as a deep source of inspiration. Small fragments of their classic art work is placed next to Russell’s art pieces where you will discover an undeniable similarity between them.


From Tues 17th August 11am until Sunday 19th September 2021.